Thursday, 10 May 2012

Walks on Wednesdays, Yoga & Avengers

We had a lovely walk yesterday morning whilst the sun was out and it wasn't raining. I used an app on my phone which said we walked 4.4 kilometres! We went through some very muddy fields, through the woods which are covered in Bluebells and down to the fishing pond. No one is fishing it at the moment as its closed to allow the fish to breed. We had a look how high the bio mass had grown-it's pretty high now! And then walked back up past some very pretty and plentiful fields. The rape seed fields look particularly stunning at the moment and we saw our first butterflies of the year too. After lunch (we missed snack time!) I took Bailey to his first Yoga class, he was very dubious, not sure if that's because it's exercise (on top of the walk this morning!) or because the Xbox game he's been waiting for since Christmas has come out? But I'm thinking maybe the game! Still, he got to see one of his best friends M and was very happy. As for the yoga? He's not totally convinced but enough to try again next week!
After an early tea of homemade veggie chilli I took Bailey to the cinema with one of his old school friends to see the Avengers movie in 3D. These trips are really helping with him having some independence and also dealing with different situations like being asked for ID for example. The movie was a 12a and he's a month away from 14, plus taller than my 5ft 7 inches and has to shave for goodness sake! But he didn't panic just told them his date of birth and said tickets were purchased. It's only baby steps but everyday he's getting more independent and capable and I'm getting less nervous about having a teenager! He came out very happy and said it was the best film he'd seen ever.

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