Friday, 25 May 2012

A trip to the farm...

We've had a really lovely week pottering around in the beautiful sunshine, we are really loving this weather! Its such a nice feeling to wake up with the sunshine in your house. On Friday we made a picnic and met up with friends at Graves Park in Sheffield. It was such a beautiful day and the park looked so picturesque with the blue skies and lush green tree backdrop. The flowers were blooming as we walked up to the farm area and were such vivid colours. The last time we were at the park there were lots of spring babies and it was lovely to see how big they have grown in the last month or so! We particularly enjoyed seeing the piglets who were now much bigger and happily digging with their snouts in the mud, which was very cute. I think my recent sharing of Charlotte's Web with Ruben has made me think differently about pigs! I was even looking at micro pigs for pets... We also couldn't believe how big the Emu's had grown and their now in an outside pen. We managed to find a huge tree for some shade and ate lunch. The children played in the playground and played lots of imaginative games that including having their own "den". We stayed for 5 hours! Then we rushed home and picked daddy and Bailey up before setting off to my mums caravan at the seaside. We didn't hit any traffic on the way there and we were all happily eating fish and chips and enjoying the sea breeze by 6pm!

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