Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Summer days & the return of Pokemon!

Its been so lovely to have some good weather and its certainly helping some serious bonding sessions with my children! Bailey has actually left his room and played voluntarily with Ruben. I realise that sounds really sarcastic but unless you have a teenager with Aspergers and a 5 year age gap between brothers your unlikely to appreciate how "BIG" a deal that actually is. No bribery was initiated and maybe it was just for the sheer "POKEMON" factor. Bailey began a Pokemon obsession when he was 7 years old and it continued for around 5 years, like all his interests, he is always in it for the long term! Unlike Ruben who is rather fickle to be honest. Luckily for Ruben though, he has inherited his big brother's huge collections of  these obsessions! Transformers, Trains, Lego and his Pokemon! Ruben has now added quite a lot of Pokemon himself to this collection and after I picked him some more bits up from the Sunday car boot last weekend whilst he was at his sleepover we are back on it again. What was nice to see, as well as Bailey getting involved, was Piper and Cordelia playing it too! They are all into Pokemon really, we have the DS games, board games, lots of books and Hubby even started, several different times, a Pokemon Card Game League. It requires a lot of patience to play and have to admit to being the only one in the house who can't actually play it! Its lovely to see Pokemon make a bit of a return again and see them all playing together with it! As its been so sunny they have played with the figures in the garden and had some trampoline battles too!

 The brother bonding even continued into some light reading-seems they also share an interest in Spongebob Squarepants :-)

 Meanwhile the girls have had a huge game of Monster High. I picked this Barbie house for a bargain £1.50 at the car boot on Sunday and the girls have spent all day making it into a home for the Monster High dolls. They even made "groceries" like cat food, ice cream and wash powder from pom poms, paper and cardboard.
 Even Monster High dolls have washing to do you know! And in such lovely conditions its always nice to be able to hang it on the washing line to dry!

Even the Pokemon got involved in this game too, becoming the Monster High dolls "pets". I really love it when they combine their games together. Despite an early start, a daddy away until Thursday (sigh), the return of the summer ants (sigh) and an unfortunate dog poo/new sandals/Ruben situation (HUGE sigh) its been rather a lovely day with VERY little in the way of arguments! Quite a day ;-)


  1. Yay, another home ed family that are big into Pokemon. Woop woop! Shame we dont live nearer! x

  2. I like those games that break through all the boundaries :)

  3. Yes that would be great Motherfunker, its funny as you don't come across many Pokemon fans?? I have to admit I'm quite fond of it myself too x