Saturday, 19 May 2012

Sew in the City part 4...

On Thursday morning, we left Bailey at home making Warhammer scenery from polystyrene, it stills needs to be painted before he will let me put a photo on the blog though! Ruben went very happily off to play at his friend R's and the girls and I went off to Sew in the City Cafe for our monthly home ed session.
 The group was supposed to design t-shirts this week but some of the order had not turned up so instead we made brooches, there were also some really cool flower corsages but no one seemed to get around to making those. Which was a shame as they were very cool. I think i will be having a go at them though!

To start the children had to choose which shape to make their brooch, Danielle had used different shapes such as birds, owls, even Alice in Wonderland and also had lots of creative books such as the Doodle books which are a huge hit in our house, out so you could make your own template should you wish too. Piper picked out a template of a lady's face as she thought it looked like the Barbie silhouette. Cordelia picked an owl template, she has a real thing for owls at present. After deciding which template to use, another 10 minutes were taken up by choosing materials. Danielle said felt was best for the backing of the brooch and lots of colours were provided. Piper chose a cream piece of felt to start with.
 Cordelia wanted a white owl. Danielle showed them how to use a corner of the felt/material so's not to waste any material, I'm hoping the girls remember this as I often find new pieces of felt with a huge shape missing out of the middle!
 Cordelia used fabric glue to put on the owl's eyes and wings. She found a sparkly green embroidery thread to put some detail on to the owl's front before stitching a pin on the back so she can fasten it to her clothes or handbags. He's very cute.
 Piper spent a great deal of time and concentration on her cameo figure, she stitched all around the edge with white cotton before stitching on black felt hair. She chose a red button for her hair and drew her face on with a felt tip. She also stitched on a pin to fasten it to her jacket.
 The finished creations!

I love the atmosphere of the sewing cafe as all the children chat happily whilst they sew, its really calming and relaxing. Cordelia and Piper both bought some buttons from Danielle's huge collection to bring home and add to their own increasingly large button collections!

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