Friday, 18 May 2012

Sew in the City Part 3...

I am really late posting this from last month! The last session was making a "My Friend Pillow", there was lots of funky material to choose from! Piper chose a red and white polka dot with a grey denim look for the back. Cordelia chose a spooky ghost material for the front of her pillow and a light blue pattern for the back. They had to first trace around the template onto the two pieces of fabric before cutting out and stitching all the way around. Piper did not finish hers so brought it home with her, after forgetting about it for 2 1/2 weeks she finally finished it! She has made a really good job of her stitches though :-) She's just not one for rushing! After stitching all around the edge, which was a long job to be fair, they then stuffed their pillows and chose from an array of fancy buttons, beads and ribbons, how to decorate them. Cordelia chose blue and green buttons for eyes, a white button for a nose and a red felt mouth, she also fixed a blue ribbon on the back for a tail! Piper decided to leave her pillow blank, I think its a bit of a shame (and its very tempting to create it a face whilst she is sleeping) but its her design. 

Its such a lovely atmosphere and its really impossible to leave without feeling inspired to continue the creativity at home, unless of course your Piper and there's a book to distract you :-)

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