Saturday, 26 May 2012

Seaside Thing-Searchers...

We were all a bit shattered last night so were in bed by 10pm and all up early at 6.15am this morning! The caravan was filled with sunlight so we made the most of it and had an early breakfast before heading out at 8am! There was a local car boot which we had a walk around before going to Tesco and picking up some picnic snacks for lunch. Then we headed off to the beach, we haven't been to Cleethorpes beach in a while and we've never been to this part of the beach which is much quieter as its so far away from the busy centre. Because we had the dog with us we had to go to the "dog beach" but I'm so glad we did as it was lovely and deserted! The children ran off to play "thing-searchers" (Thank you Pippi Longstocking), they came across this huge piece of wood that they think was part of a ship, thank goodness for Daddy and his ability to pull/lift things much heavier than himself! They also found a corner joist with very old looking nails in it, some old looking sacks, lots of charred wood, half a starfish, a pile of terracotta tiles and an old pot pipe! Not bad for a mornings work. Cordelia had great fun turning it into a modern art exhibition and took a photo of it, unfortunately she pressed the wrong button on my phone camera and its disappeared! Still its the taking part that counts...and we still have the pipe!

 Tallulah enjoying the sunshine
 Seeing the sea
 Half a starfish...
 Piper cuddling Tallulah
 Sisterly love!
 Writing in the sand

 Being "thing-searchers"

The pipe!

After a lovely morning we headed home to have our first BBQ of the year. Then we took the children up to my parents in law for a sleepover, all except Bailey-who prefers to stay home and enjoy the "quiet" without his siblings :-/. We came home and watched Eurovision 2012-falling asleep on the sofa! Oh how rock n roll we are......

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