Sunday, 20 May 2012

Papertoy Monsters

Whilst we were in the Hepworth Gallery yesterday I had a look around the gift shop for some inspiration and this book caught my eye immediately! I knew all of the children would enjoy it. I normally look on Amazon and find it cheaper but I just couldn't wait! So I bought it. As soon as we got home Ruben asked me to read about 15 pages, so I think its a bit of a hit here. There are 50 cool papertoys to make and each character comes with its own story-Ruben has been fascinated :-) I like the section at the back which tells you all about the creators of each papertoy, where they come from and what their "real jobs" are. Each monster comes on perforated paper, allowing you to push it out carefully, fold it and then glue it together. There are different levels of monster so we just started of with the easy ones first.  This afternoon we finally got around to making some of these toys, Rubens arms were beginning to ache from lugging the book around and following us around with it-he's become slightly obsessed by it!
Daddy was a big help-not just in face-pulling either....

Ruben picked Gene Chemzyme to make first
Then Zeke-the under bed monster
Holding the pieces together until the glue dried
Cordelia came in to have a go inbetween doing some sequin pin art. She chose Octopod
This is her sequin pin parrot-she bought it at the car boot for 20p this morning and has made a fantastic job of it!
 The finished "monsters" on display on top of the bookcase-I can't waait to see all 50 on display!

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