Tuesday, 22 May 2012

New Trampoline Day!

24 degrees here today! Hurrah! We loved it :-) last night we went and bought the children a trampoline for the garden. They've wanted one for a while and as they love being outside and Ruben has SO very much energy we thought it'd be a good idea. Poor hubby started it last night and got up at 6.30 this morning to finish it before he went to a meeting this morning! He's such a SUPER daddy :-)) the younger three were SO excited to get on and have a bounce. Even Bailey gave in and had a few goes. The trampoline has been the main feature of every game played today-we even played "Go Fish" and "Pontoon" whilst sat on it! It was lovely to have no where to go today and an entire day to chill out and just play.
After a few minor arguments and a twisted knee (Cordelia), I got the paints out and the younger three made pebble pets. Bailey was very disappointed that after three hours his stockmotion video didn't come out very well. I explained that it's the trying/effort that matters and although it's disappointing to not have the finished article it wasn't a waste of his time, things are always being learnt one way or another. I'm so glad that we were having fun together today and not stressing about his exam, he would have sat it today.
After tea, hubby and I put our new tent up in the garden. Ruben helped, it's more like a 3 man job than a 2 man! So excited to go away very soon. Ruben wanted to sleep in it tonight and to be honest so did I but since we have no airbeds and I'd like to be able to walk tomorrow I think we'll wait. Tonight I've ordered our new airbeds and so we're nearly ready for our first camping trip of 2012 :-))

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  1. Doesn't the sunshine help ;-)
    Let's hope we have many more sunshine filled days in 2012 x