Thursday, 10 May 2012

I think I'll frame this

I read this on a HE group list today and thought it was hilarious. I think I might even frame it.

You can only see it if you are a Times subscriber though, sorry!


  1. A few people were quoting from this on twitter at the weekend - I am not a Times subscriber but I was confused because I thought I read that CM, despite being home educated herself, had decided to school her own children. Perhaps the article was wrong.

  2. She has Katie. She said its so she can work. Hard for me to comment on as I've been a SAHM the whole time but I know my MIL, when we first told her about taking the children out of school, said that's what she thought schools were for these days-childcare.

  3. If there is a job you can work around children I would think journalist/ author would be up there. Some interviews I read she sounds really sorted and other times I think she just uses home ed as a USP iyswim.

    Totally hear that on schools as childcare though. Get everyone working and paying tax!!

    1. I would agree Katie, but that is the thing with HE-lots more people could but they don't. And tbh I'm not sure if I'd want them to because that would only cause us more problems. Some parents just can't spend that much time with their own children, its not an easy job but I know I wouldn't have it any other way, even on the tougher days. Different courses for different horses-isn't that the saying?

  4. I suppose my dilemma here is that for every can't I have met a can. In our local home ed group we have unemployed, disabled, working parents etc etc so when you meet someone that says I can't home ed because of xyz and you know someone who is you (I?!) wonder if it is an excuse to avoid talking about the truth! But that is me of course.

    I know from Sandra Dodd's site that grown unschoolers and Mums of grown unschoolers work as Nannies / Governesses in families where both parents work but they want to home educate - there are creative solutions that I am sure Ms Moran could afford if she wanted to or maybe it just endorses the view that school is free child care.

  5. I suppose it could be for any number of reasons really, including her not wanting to HE because of her own experience. In the same way sometimes parents who had a hard time at school chose not to send their children to school maybe sometimes that can work in the opposite way - home educated parents decide to send their children to school. i doubt its because of money that she chooses not to home educate, I often wonder to if being home educated by someone else family or a nanny counts as being home educated? If children are spending all their time with private tutors etc-is that home education?
    So many questions.....

  6. S asked me that about the Governess characters on Sound of Music and Mary Poppins