Wednesday, 9 May 2012

He reads, he reads!!

If you are a regular blog reader you may have read previous posts on my worries about my youngest son and his reading. I have read so many other blogs about HE children and their reading, I 've spent ages on the internet, looked for different approaches, bought the entire Oxford Reading Tree collection and then I have just left Ruben to do his own thing. He has been picking up words here, there and everywhere but I have not pushed, I have not asked him to read anything to me and he hasn't offered. I found some old fridge magnet letters in amongst the girls room after my big clearout and put them on the fridge. Since then he has spent ages spelling things, grouping colours to together, making letter ladders etc. Yesterday afternoon after our friends had gone home, we were snuggled on the sofa and I asked him if he wanted to read me a book, he brought his ORT book over and read it all, needing only help with a handful of words. He didn't get stressed, ask for a break or want to stop halfway and leave it for another day, he simply read it all himself. He wouldn't even let me hold the book! I'm happy not just  because he's reading himself but because of the opportunities to find things out, to curl up and read himself a book (especially with three older siblings who read lots) and that he knows he can do it now. Just more evidence that my more relaxed version of home educating, allowing them to do things in THEIR time and not MY time works. So all the ORT books are now on Ebay, because he can read any book he wants/tries to now and isn't restricted to just Biff, Kipper and Chip!

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