Sunday, 20 May 2012


I've been kindly asked to do a guest blog on here by my good friend Zoe. I have to admit that i'm a bit of a novice with blogs and even though i have started my own, its very much a case of posting one week then maybe a couple of months will pass. Anyway i'm mum to 3 boys, Dylan who is 5 and so full of energy, Lucas who is 16 months and a big ball of sunshine and Benjamin, my little angel who died at 22 weeks due to a very rare heart condition.

My husband and i decided we would home educate even before we had children. Our decision was for a number of reasons really. We wanted our children to be able to stay children for  as long as possible, children at school always seem to have this pressure to achieve from a very early age and have targets to reach and goals to set. I'm not saying this is wrong period (there's nothing wrong with setting goals and going for them) but we just feel its too much at an early age and we wanted our children to develop at their own pace and learn from life experience rather than sat at a desk and listening to a teacher. As Dylan was only 5 last december its still early days for us really. People often ask me 'hows the home schooling going then?' but really we dont do anything structured so far and he has no desire to read or write yet. Everyday we explore and go out and meet people or do the shopping, he helps at  home and we go swimming and to playgroup. Dylan is a very articulate, happy, full of life little boy and is always asking really interesting questions like 'mummy what are your bones made of?'  I love having this opportunity to watch him grow and Lucas as he gets older and together i know we are going to learn so much but as a family rather than me asking @so what did you do at school today then?'. Its very exciting and each day brings new discoveries.

I am currently training to compete in the Sheffield Marathon which is Sun 27th May. I'm doing this in memory of my little boy Benjamin who died at 22 weeks due to VSD which is a very rare heart condition. You never get over something like this but you learn to live with the pain and even 2 years later the pain is sometimes as raw as those first few days after i gave birth to him. The charity that helped me and my husband is called Arc and hopefully you will have never had a need to use their services but they helped me in ways i cannot describe. I'm raising money for ARC as they don't get any government help and rely totally on donations in order to be able to help parents like us. Zoe has kindly added the link to my fundraising page and any donations (even a pound) would we greatly appreciated. My training has been going well and i feel ready to do it. I completed 11 miles today which is my longest run so far and my legs are so tired now.  I'm feeling so many different emotions though  when i think about the day but mainly i just think of why i'm doing it and that makes me very proud.

well thank you so much for taking the time to read this post and a massive thank you again Zoe for sharing my link

Now time to rehydrate and rest ready for the big day next Sunday
best wishes

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