Wednesday, 9 May 2012


Bailey has been working through the coursework of his IGCSE Computer Studies book since last year now and his first exam would have been 2 weeks today. After much deliberation however, we have decided that he won't be sitting it. He has done really well with all his coursework but the mock exams have proven a bit too much for him. I think we could spend six months alone simply practising exam questions/answers but then he might as well be back at school. I think he has done enough, he has learnt some new things about computers/programming but I don't think its necessary to push him into an exam he isn't ready for. Home education, to me anyway, is about listening to my own children and their needs. I can't worry about what other people are doing with their children or how many exams they are taking because they aren't MY children. When we started HE we were so structured and it was just too much like school, we have come so far since that and I don't want to go back to it. It can feel like there is so much pressure now for your children to be sitting exams when they are 13/14, it didn't seem to be that way when we started HE. I wonder if that is because that is what is happening in schools? whatever the reason it has to work for your child. And this just isn't working for us. Maybe we will come back to it again in a while and maybe we won't, I can't say for sure.  I just know that it isn't working for us now. What I am sure about is that our home has gone back to being relaxed (as much as a house of 6 can be anyway) and that my son seems much less tense and happier in himself and really that is all I care about.

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  1. I like the new blue background on the blog - When blogger switched over a few weeks ago I seemed to miss some posts from you so I'm back now having a big catch up read about the adventures of you and your crew :)