Saturday, 19 May 2012

Clifton Park

On Friday we met up with friends to go to Clifton Park, we were hoping to go into the museum as its been a while since we were in there but its closed on Friday's! We were a little disappointed but thankfully the weather stayed dry and we managed to spend over three hours playing in the playground. Even Bailey came out with us, which made a very nice change. It could be to get back at hubby who has decided to nick name our eldest "The Olympic Flame" because he never goes out.....
There were a huge group of schoolchildren there when we arrived and throughout most of our visit. The children weren't that happy as they seem to take over the whole playground. Cordelia ended up being shoved rather hard off a tyre swing and hit in the chest by one boy from the school group. She was very upset. The boy then pushed her again a bit later and Bailey jumped into action and went to find the said boy. As he was talking to the boy, a teacher came over and told Bailey to go back to his teacher. "We're home educated" he replied, he then went on to say how the boy had hurt his little sister and not even said sorry. The teacher asked the boy to apologise and said she was sorry that the children weren't being as well behaved as themselves!! All 6 of the children came back triumphant and everyone was very pleased that Bailey stood up for his sister, he was a bit of a hero! See they don't always argue, sometimes they can be rather fond of each other.....sometimes......


  1. Brilliant! I love the nick name - might use that one on our son ;-)

  2. Haha! Yes Angela my hubby thinks that was a very funny idea of his :)