Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Boot sale, childrens clothing & Back to Rufford We Go

Sunday morning started early with our visit to the boot sales near us, it was a good turnout and I picked lots of bargains up! I had forgotten how much I love getting nice things for so little money, especially clothes for the children and myself. After a trip around Meadowhall on Saturday to buy clothes for Bailey and Piper I was reminded just how expensive children's clothes are. Also, how ridiculous it is that most children's clothes shops stop selling clothes after the age of 12!! As I have tall-ish children this is going to be a real problem, the other issue I have is the actual style of clothing available to 13+ children! Just because my daughter is in age 13 clothes does not mean she wants to dress a certain way. It took ages to find some clothes that Piper liked-thank god for Marks and Spencers, who allow my daughter to look pretty and fashionable in age 13 clothes. As for Bailey, he is in a small man's size, gulp, (breathe Zoe BREATHE!!) so it makes it slightly easier, although that means we are paying tax on his clothes despite the fact he is only 13 and still a child! Ok, rant about clothes over. You can see why I get excited when I pick branded clothing up that's barely been worn at a car boot for 50p though can't you?
After lunch on Sunday we met up with friends and had a lovely walk around Rufford Country Park, one of my favourite places for walks. The children had a great time playing with their friends, Cordelia took lots of photo's (see below), Ruben chatted away to his friend, Piper gave me some parenting tips (yes really), our dog made a new friend so was pretty happy with herself, dad's got lots of Ebay chat/dad related chat done and Bella and I got to have several conversations that were only mildly broken up by snack requests or drink requests. So a very pleasant afternoon! We saw lots of wild bunnies hopping around and despite our Jack Russell going slightly crazy, none were harmed, lots of photographs were taken though.

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