Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Boot Bargain Books

On our Sunday morning trail around the car boot the girls picked these two books up for 20p and 50p respectively. These books have a HUGE fan base in our house, Cordelia has borrowed a few from the library on plenty of occasions and I bought Piper one last year for Christmas. I'm particularly in awe of The Family Book as it was read aloud to me throughout the drive over to see my mum yesterday.
"Why is the glass in a car so thick?" asked Cordelia
"hmmm, I think for safety reasons?!" says me.
"it's so it doesn't hurt you if it smashes, it's safety glass. If we drive over a cliff and we're balancing on the edge of the cliff, we can crawl into the back so the weight is better balanced & smash the window to escape. Then we can stand and wait to see if the car topples over the cliff. But we won't hurt our hands breaking the glass because like I said-it's safety glass".
Me "How do you know that?"
Cordelia "Family Book. It also tells us how we can fool everyone into thinking we are a family of vampires"
Me "Oh. Well that IS useful"
Then Cordelia proceeded to inform me how to convince the neighbours we'd won the lottery, how to tell if dad has been replaced by an alien (shrinkage & green skin in case you were wondering) and finally how to get rescued in a dessert.
And there's me thinking I was home educating the children, seems its the other way around......

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