Thursday, 3 May 2012

Bluebells and Bang Goes the Theory

Today we've had a bit of a lazy day and caught with our sky + planner (whatever we did without this amazing piece of technology in our lives I've no idea) we watched the last two episodes of Bang Goes the Theory-which were brilliant especially Jem flying!! And The Voice from Sunday evening, the girls and I are HUGE Lana Del Ray fans so were excited to watch her live performance. The girls have spent so much time playing in their room now it's been sorted this week, I've hardly seen them! After Tuesdays library trip/charity shop visit Cordelia has been reading some new Gwyneth Rees books including "The Making of May" and also writing her Barras Home Newspaper. She's really back into it again. Piper has become a little blogger recently with her Animal Jam blog, she's become slightly obsessed with page views and stats (no idea where that comes from :-D) and had a mention on one of her favourite blogs by a fellow Animal Jammer so is over the moon. Bailey has played the part of big brother very well this week and researched some computer software to enable the girls to make Animal Jam videos so they are very pleased with said big brother. Ruben has continued with his Magic Monster book today and created more monsters including a jellyfish-maybe inspired from last weeks trip to the aquarium. We had a lovely, if not extremely boggy, muddy walk this afternoon with the dog. It was only meant to be a quick walk but turned into an hour whereby we discussed events from when they were babies, who did what, Cordelia picked me some pretty white flowers that swelled lovely. She was worried about triggering my hay fever but it would have been worth it! We came across a blanket of bluebells that smelled delicious and looked beautiful-I couldn't resist a photograph. The rest of the walk was spent chatting about what everyone wants to be when they grow up and what mummy wanted to be. I told them that my mum said I'd wanted to be a mummy from about 2 years old which they thought was very funny and also true! We were a bit upset to find our favourite field of horses now has an electric fence so the horses won't come over to us :-( I did explain that the farm probably had its reasons? But they were not very happy. I've made arrangements for Bailey to join a teen yoga home ed group, i'm hoping it will help with his tight hamstrings, he's slightly unconvinced but we'll see how it goes! Daddy is home so the Barras household is one again.

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  1. Oh the bluebells look lovely and it sounds like everyone's been busy! It's nice to hear somebody got to be what they wanted when they grew up haha - I wanted to be a missionary for a while...yeah, not sure how much wider of the mark I could get ;)

    Looking forward to hearing about Bailey's yoga experience x