Thursday, 31 May 2012

400th Post, Jubilee Party & Last Day of May

Four hundred posts seems so many and yet so few at the same time if that makes any sense? Not when you divide it down between four children and two years anyway... Today has been a home day, we were due to meet friends at the park but after a bad night with Cordelia having several nightmares, the second night of hardly any sleep in a row, and Ruben having an upset tummy I had to cancel. The weather had been rubbish today too but it's been very stuffy and I've had do much washing to do before next weeks holiday! I washed the sleeping bags yesterday ready for camping but because of my bad shoulder I couldn't get them back in the bag!!! I'd sooner put the new tent up a hundred times then have to wrestle with a sleeping bag, it's quite amazing how small the bag it comes in actually is :-/ so the kitchen was swamped in sleeping bags whilst I tried to prepare for the first third of the holiday. Packing for six people is really no fun at all!
Yesterday we were invited to a Jubilee Party at our friends house. The children were all very excited and Bella and Mason had gone to a lot of trouble. (Feeling a bit guilty that I haven't organised anything to celebrate the Jubilee with the children but maybe there's still time?) there was enough food to feed the Queens Army! So the children happily ate their way through quite a lot of it and were all very happy. I got to chat and have a cup of tea that was still hot so was very happy :-) thank you for a lovely Jubilee party Bella & Mason!!!
In the afternoon we visited my dad and his girlfriend, she has just had an operation on her foot so the children were quite intrigued by it all! They happily played Pokemon in the garden and the girls were ecstatic to receive a piece of Anndrea's cactus plants to take home. I'm really not that good with plants so hope they don't take after me! They had a good laugh with my brother who had just finished his last GCSE exam. He's only 15 and seems too young to be deciding what to do in the future, I'm sure he will have done well in his exams though. Hubby is now back home after his business trip, only one more working day before he is off for 16 days! We have A LOT to fit in and the last day will be Baileys 14th Birthday! Scary. But June is hopefully going to be a great month! And I really can't wait :-D

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