Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Up in the Air.

It has been a bit of a chaotic week to be honest. Ever have that feeling that you have lots of things up in the air and are waiting to see which one falls first? That's how I've felt for about two weeks now. Wednesday I ended up breaking down in the car again after we thought it had been fixed. Cue a two hour wait for recovery, thankfully I was by myself this time, on the way to my dress making course at Sew in the City. Not a course I am able to finish now, sadly. Thursday Hubby very nervously took his first driving test and didn't pass. He was very disappointed. The thing with a driving test, is that its not even about your actual driving, more about passing a test. He didn't fail on anything dangerous, and having taken him for lessons in our own car I know its not because he can't drive. He's putting in for it again soon though, which is good. There is a possible move in the air here and its such a HUGE decision with six people's thoughts and feelings on it all. Although I'm not religious I am a firm believer in Fate, and even though it feels hard to do at the moment, I'm trying hard to trust that things happen for a reason and what will be will be. Sometimes this kind of sucks a little, but there you go. Friday our good friends from lightingfires came over. Bella had made all the children, individual handmade bags with their initials on that she had filled with Easter treats and goodies, the children were made up! It was such a lovely, kind thought. The bags are now being happily reused-they are just perfect for Monster High Doll sleeping bags!! Even though I was feeling a bit fed up from a tough week, Bella and her hubby made me laugh so much that I was left in such a good mood! Its lovely to have such good friends :) 

The afternoon was spent in the garden when my friend L came over with R and E, the children had lots of fun playing in the garden. The ELC grocery store was opened by Cordelia and R, and L and I had to take turns to go and buy things and pay with shells and stones! Ruben meanwhile was chalking Skylanders maths on the path. Yes, spontaneous math!! (That boy is such an organic learning). Working out how many Skylanders there was to collect, how many he had and how many he needed to get and the same for his best friend R. I'm glad he didn't work out how much its going to cost to finish collecting them, my eyes might not have taken so well to it :( Cordelia and R then came to do some lovely chalk drawings of ice creams, cupcakes and cats! R loves playing with Cordelia so much. E was trying to walk, (being 9 months old now) and it will be so much fun when she is ready to run around with the children too! I think she finds it quite frustrating that she can't get more involved with their games. Piper meanwhile snuggled up on the trampoline, sucking her thumb in the sunlight and reading, why not?


  1. You sound like you are surrounded by lovely caring friends. xXx

    1. We really are, and its a lovely feeling xxx