Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Finally some transport...

After my last post things suddenly looked up very quickly and within 48 hours a decision had been made about our possible move to Eastbourne and we were owners of a 7 seater car again!! Since our Multipla broke down last July we had managed with 5 seater cars (3 in total), this allowed me to run the children around during the week to their various meet ups, singing, groups etc and be able to do food shopping and all the boring mum things but gave us little/no opportunity to go out as a family all together. Bailey, in the last year or so has reached that teenage stage where he would rather have the house to himself and not come shopping etc. But when you are a family that is very much used to going anywhere and everywhere its been a really long 9 months without a family car. As long as I have been able to drive (9 years) and we have had a car we have always been the kind of family that has gone on lots of trips. The first year of this blog, we visited so much and I'm SO looking forward to the adventures we can now have again this year! Also, after much deliberating we have decided to stay put where we are. Eastbourne would have been great but some things just weren't quite adding up. It would have been a huge move and we had been giving it a lot of thought for a while. I am actually surprised we are staying as I was about 90% sure we'd move. But this time it just wasn't right. Since we are extremely fortunate to have a lovely house with plenty of room for us to grow into and are surrounded by fantastic friends and family I think it was the right decision. Things are very happy in the Barras household this week, long may it continue :-D


  1. Yay! We're all so happy that you're staying (for not - not forever haha) and that you're mobile again. Really hope the rest of the year is an easier and less stressful one now ;-)

    1. Thank you Bella :-)) me too :-))

  2. V sad you are not coming to sunny Sussex but I can see you have a strong local support network and that takes a long time to build.

  3. It does Katie but its nice to know we would have been missed. And this way I get to holiday several times a year in sunny Sussex! In fact I'm on my way there shortly......