Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Easter Crafts & links!

Today we were meant to be having a visit from our friends over at 4kids2guineapigs but the snow fall last night/this morning but an end to that! Last year we had a BBQ and the paddling pool out in October and had friends around so I suppose at some point we would have that all reversed for us. For the previous week we have had amazing blue skies, warm days and sunshine-the children even wanted to get the paddling pool out a week ago, we had the usual summer clothes panics-no sandals to go with shorts/dresses and now snow..... The children were disappointed but it couldn't be helped, hopefully we will see them next week instead. To keep the children busy I did some Easter crafts. I got the template and idea for this basket from runnerduck website and I cut out and hole punched the card ready for the children to put together with ribbons. They found it a little tricky at first to put the ribbon through and tie knots, it is quite fiddly, but they all managed it. Then I printed some templates from activityvillage and the children happily sat colouring in pictures, then they cut them out and stuck them on to their baskets. We found some leftover fluffy chickens and yellow/orange tissue paper from last Easter and filled the baskets up, I then put a few early chocolate eggs in the baskets. Its been a while since we have all sat together and done any crafts, I find it comes in fits and starts and they've been far too busy playing outside this past week to do indoor crafts. It was a thoroughly enjoyable way to spend a morning :-))