Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Cordelia is 10!

The good thing about having the birthday party before/after the actual birthday is that you can concentrate more on the birthday girl! We were all a bit shattered though from the party the day before so we had a rather lovely chilled out day. Cordelia was up at 6.30am to eagerly open her presents. Because of the party yesterday she had lots to open, lucky girl! The main theme of this year's birthday was Monster High. The girls collection started at Christmas and has been steadily increasing. Cordelia now owns 8 dolls, Piper has 4 and even Ruben has a boy Monster High Doll. 
 After a breakfast of scrambled eggs on bagels. Cordelia no longer eats red meat and I'm vegetarian so daddy, Bailey, Piper and Ruben tucked into bacon bagels!
 We then went shopping to toys r us to buy more monster high stuff. Daddy cooked us all a curry for tea-yummy! And then we sang Happy Birthday. Plus side of making a 3 tier birthday cake for the party-we used the top tier for her actual birthday!
 Meet the Monster HIgh dolls: Left to Right: Lagoona Blue, Frankie Stein, Cleo de Nile, Abby Bominable, Special "Black & White" Frankie Stein
 Clawde Wolf, Operetta and Clawdeen Wolf
 Frankie Stein's bed!
 And Cleo De Nile's dressing table
For the last few days our house has been a huge game of Monster High mixed in with the new Sims game she also got for her birthday! She had some fantastic presents and its lovely how well her friends know her because all her gifts were a perfect fit!

I can't quite believe my youngest daughter is now in double digits! Cordelia- you are such a special girl, you are funny, kind, caring, so very clever, so intuitive, a lovely friend, strong, thoughtful and we are so fortunate to have you in our lives. You brighten up gloomy days with your infectious giggle and your ability to keep us all entertained and informed, whether that be about animal extinction, nail varnish or your favourite book. You can be such a loving big and little sister and you have us all right in the palm of your hand. Love you lots Boo! Mummy xxxxxx


  1. We have had a monster high birthday for our 5 year olds today. They don't watch the cartoons but they absolutely love the dolls. Spooky cool x

  2. Happy Birthday to your twins Angela! They are rather cool dolls but take a bit of getting used to after Barbie lol! My two have only watched the cartoon online as I'm not sure its actually on any of the kids channels? x

    1. Yes and happy birthday to Cordelia! I've only seen it online via the website clips and you can buy a DVD from the US but although it has a U certification I think the content is a little grown up for my little ones. I gather the dolls are teenagers? Total fashionistas lol

    2. Thank you! She had a great day, she was actually due today but arrived 2 days early! Yes it probably is a but old for them yet, it's brought about some very interesting conversations though about the parents of these monster dolls! Very fashionistas!! :-))

  3. i have never come across monster high dolls..... i have Trash packs in this house and Dr Who lol! Looks like a lovely birthday. Happy birthday little lady xx

  4. Thank you Pip! Trash packs? Not heard of them! But we have a few Dalek's knocking around haha, its a mish mash of anything and everything here Pip!xx

  5. I love the monster high furniture, especially the bed! Glad you all had a lovely day. See you soon.x

  6. I'm sure your girls will be playing with it when they next come over Beccy! See you soon x

  7. thanks everyone for the birthday wishes! and thank you lots for the mesage mum! i have always had you in the palm of my hand since i was just born to now! :D i had a lovely birthday and now iv'e got 9
    monster high dolls!