Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Building Dens in the Rain

We started the day quite early, early for me anyway. Hubby left at 5.30 for a day full of meetings in London so I was up at 7.30 to do breakfast, I'm REALLY, not a morning person at all. Hubby does breakfast usually and I get woken up with a cup of tea about 8am. I know, I'm a very lucky lady ;-) It hasn't always been this way though, when the children were little I spent a lot of mornings up at 5.30am and through the night feeding etc but as the children get older and so do I, I need more sleep! As all five of us were up we had some really good conversations over breakfast. First we talked about bats and their hearing, which was because Ruben was playing with a bat action figure, and that related back to last week's Bang Goes the Theory, which was all about how the younger you are the higher pitches you can hear. Then, as we were looking through Cordelia's new Monster High fashion designer book we got talking about colour wheels and primary colours. We discussed it recently on our trip to Hardwick Walk as we were questioning why bluebells were called bluebells, when they looked more purple than blue (we compared them to Cordelia's blue wellyboot!) and that lead on to primary colours etc. Then we discussed Nutella and where it comes from. I asked the children where they thought it came from, it was a mix up of answers between France (where we first tasted it in 2007) and America. They were quite surprised to find out it was actually Italy! I only learnt that too from the Hairy Bikers Bakeation programme last night but I thought it was interesting! Last night I made very last minute plans to meet our friends over at lighting fires for a walk this morning. I wasn't feeling well yesterday and really can't do more than one full day indoors, so thought some fresh air would be good. The weather was pretty horrific and so were the driving conditions but I took some snacks and kitted everyone out in waterproofs and we headed out, leaving Bailey to get on with a mock paper. His exam is now only a few weeks away, eeekkk!! We were a bit late but got there in the end, the rain was still really heavy but after reading this article on the BBC and the National Trusts list of play musts-one of which being run around in the rain! I feel we need to make sure we have done all the things on the list! We've actually done a lot of things already on the list but still....

We had a lot of fun. Laughs. And got drenched.

Back home, dry clothes and lunch. I had time to go over Bailey's mock paper with him. He's struggling a little and I'd rather him wait a little longer before taking the exam, (a whole other story really) but he is determined to at least try so I'm letting him make his own mind up. Just letting him know that there is certainly no pressure from us if he decides against taking the exam yet, we love him loads either way! I managed to start my dining table refurbishment, read one of my favourite Dr Seuss books to Ruben before bed-Green Eggs and Ham and watched an interesting programme called Food, (here is the iplayer  link if your interested) with the girls before bed. Its now making me crave fresh Kent Cherries, we ate lots of them last year when we went to Sussex, and try a "cobnut".....

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