Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Skylanders this and Skylanders that...

Oh no now Cordelia has jumped on to the Skylander train, even changing her birthday list from Monster High dolls to Skylander figure packs. Sigh, my children are so very fickle, they get that from me I suppose!! At least it is motivating them into doing more than just playing the game-here they are drawing pictures of them and seeing which ones to collect next so there is reading going off there too..
 Ruben continued his drawing session which is rather lovely to see
 Whilst Bailey and Cordelia had a game of Lord of the Rings Risk, a family favourite.

Meanwhile, Piper and I were in my attic bedroom doing some sewing, we managed to make both her and Cordelia a summer skirt each and also start work on a Barbie quilt. After tea we took advantage of the evening still being light after tea and took the dog for a walk. Cordelia found some strange black looking fungi.
 Meanwhile Ruben was busy "mining" for what I'm not sure but the boy loves a stick and some mud.

Only a 50 minute walk tonight but that takes our total of walks in the last 4 days to nearly 7 miles! So it is definitely Spring as far as I'm concerned!

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