Thursday, 15 March 2012

Science experiments, motorways & Mapominoes

Today has been quite a long one. I had a fantastic response to my blog post yesterday on Twitter, which was lovely. I wasn't expecting it. I felt quite emotional after writing it which just shows what good therapy writing can be! Anyway, back to today, I was up at 3.30am after a terrible nights sleep to take my mum and stepdad to the airport. My stepdad very kindly loaned me the use of his car for the next week, I'm extremely grateful. The drive on the motorway however was quite horrrendous and some of the worst conditions I have ever drove in. The fog was so bad I could barely see and on the way down the M1 we passed a horrible lorry crash north bound. This meant that my drive back alone was a nightmare, visibility was minimal and I had to find a way around the Motorway junction closure. I did but it wa snot the best drive I've ever had. As we were lucky enough to have the use of the car we managed to get over to see our very good friends over at 4kids2guineapigs, (although Bec I think you should rename the blog given the pesky rabbit you now own too!). After a bit of free play we then had lunch and Bec had prepared some great science experiments. First we did a tongue tasting experiment, where we had to put different tastes on different sections of our tongue to see which part of our tongue reacted the most. We drew diagrams first so we could write down whereabouts we tasted-lemon, vinegar, coffee and sugar water. Lots of face pulling ensued!! Then the children mixed vinegar, washing up liquid and bicarbonate of soda to see what kind of reaction they got. There were only the girls interested in this one as the boys had ran off to play dinosaurs and shoot guns! Here are some photo's:

It was very messy but LOTS of fun!!

Then Piper and I, drew pictures with lemon juice on paper, they waited for them to dry and were supposed to put bicarb over the top but we ran out of time as by now they were all in the garden playing with the guinea pigs. Its harder than you think trying to put a lead on one you know! They found lots of woodlice (ewww, hate woodlice, they are far too crunchy for me) and ladybirds and made them swimming pools, who would have thought that they'd make such good swimmers? They played so well together, we are really lucky to have such special friends. Whilst the children then came back inside Bec and I managed a cup of hot tea and a game of Maponimoes, she very kindly let me win as it was my first time playing this game. Its really quite good and very educational so will be looking out for it on Amazon. By the time we got home it was tea time, showers, girls are on Animal Jam, Ruben has had a chapter of our current read "Swallows and Amazons" (both the girls have read it too) and had a very early night due to the fact he is completely shattered and tomorrow is his favourite day of the week because of Friday Group!

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  1. S has Swallows and Amazons on a audio format from a BBC radio 4 series with the original girl Titty (who must be in her nineties on the recording) talking about her life and the story. It is a classic.