Thursday, 8 March 2012

Review of DJECO Fashion Designer

My two daughters adore designing and both really love fashion. We have a good sized collection of Top Model books, Fashion Angels and also Klutz Paper Fashions, all are which are much loved and much utilised. Merry from Patch of Puddles very kindly gave us the opportunity to review this DJECO designing set from Play Merrily Toys. The day it arrived Cordelia was recovering from a rather nasty migraine, as she is not one for sitting still this set distracted her very nicely! Both the girls eagerly opened it and we very pleased to find felt tip pens, stickers, pattern templates, stencils and lots of card models to decorate. They much preferred the card girls to that in Top Model books as they hate ripping out pages but also want to be able to take them out and show them off. Cordelia really loved the little ideas book that come sin the box, she used this to get inspiration on how to do her own designs. 

This was what you got in the box:
Piper just loved it!
Just some of the girls designs:

I liked how all of the bits and pieces fitted neatly in the box as with Paper Fashions you can end up with bits scattered in different places and once you take off the glue and accessories you have no where to put them. This box worked perfectly as all the stickers, pens and stencils were kept neatly together. Perfect for my little perfectionist Piper. The pens were very good quality and had both a fine nib and a brush style nib at the other end which made colouring in easy. The selection of stickers was also impressive, with lots of very cool handbags, shoes and necklaces. Piper thought there was more variety than in the Top Model books. The only negative the girls could think of when I asked them about it was that there were two similar green felt tips and no black felt tip, which they like to use for outlining. 

Disclaimer:- I was sent the DJECO fashion designing set free of charge by playmerrilytoys, the opinions are that of myself, Piper and Cordelia.

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