Thursday, 8 March 2012

Pancakes, games and arguments!

Yesterday was, what is becoming a rare day, at home alone. We have had lots of visitors in the last week or so and have plans for the next 8 out of 11 days (gulp). We have also been enjoying some of the lovely weather because it feels so great to be able to sit in the garden and watch the children playing, planning what to plant in the garden and taking the dog for long walks. So as it was a quiet day I did lots of cooking including yummy american style pancakes for lunch with syrup (my mouth is watering just looking at this picture!!). 
 I also made meat and potato pie, home made pastry, which then made some jam tarts too, ratatouille (for those of us not eating the pie) and carrot, red onion and coriander soup for tomorrow. I had hoped the children would enjoy the chilled out day but sadly not. They bickered quite a lot over which games they should play. Ruben has been really into building tracks with the Brio (passed down to him from Bailey), he's not so fussed about putting the large collection of Thomas trains on it, although he has enjoyed finding out all their names, he's just enjoyed building different tracks using all the various pieces. The girls did not want to play trains though, they wanted to play Monster High. Ruben has a Monster High boy doll but he has lost the doll's pet chameleon (which has turned up today in my handbag of all pieces!) so wouldn't play. Sigh, the day went much along this path until Ruben decided he wanted to make his own board game (the 100+ we have already wouldn't suffice). I found a new resources site by a fellow home educator here, the blank board game templates were quick and easy to print off and suited what Ruben wanted to do perfectly. Even the girls came to have a go.....
 Ruben decided on a Pokemon style game, where you had to roll certain numbers to be able to use certain attacks. He had wrote letters on pieces of paper to use as cards. P for Physic, F for Fire, W for Water, G for Grass all of which he remembered himself, even that the P in physic is silent! Hurrah for autonomous education! He is making lots of progress all of a sudden into the wonderful world of words. We sat and played his game for ten minutes but he realised he hadn't thought through some things and decided to stop. I thought it might have triggered a bit of a moment but he dealt with it really well and decided to make another one with different attacks next time.
 Piper spent ages writing out Barbie question cards for her game but said she would do the actual board another time. We all had to see if we could answer the questions right first though. Thankfully, we have all been trained well where Barbie is concerned! Cordelia decided to make a horse themed board game. She looked through lots of her house books to find out facts to put in her cards, decorated the game with horse shoes and backed it on card. When daddy came in from his business trip he sat and played it. It went very well and he even managed to win!

The afternoon improved a little and the arguments seemed to settle down thankfully. Early nights all round in preparation for Ruben's day out to his friend's tomorrow (can't begin to tell you just HOW EXCITED he is about that!) and the girls' monthly home education group at Sew in the City.


  1. That happens to me too. I think "easy home day' when we've had a busy run but it often doesn't turn out that way. We are a lot more family centric this year as I try not to overstretch us. It works well at reducing siblin squabbles but I miss adult company.

    1. Thing is Katie I quite like having some in days/out days by ourselves but my children are social butterflies and love seeing friends. Might have to reign it in a little though...