Wednesday, 28 March 2012

NEC Craft & Sewing Fair

On Saturday we went along with my MIL and her friend to the NEC in Birmingham to the craft and hobby fair. My MIL and I went along last year and thought it was really good so this year we took the girls with us too. I knew they would enjoy all the different stalls and knew Piper would enjoy the catwalk show they do. We were up and out early, which was a good job because the weather was pretty horrendous on the way down there. It was really foggy and I was glad not to be driving for a change! Last year we went on the Sunday and realised we should have come on the Saturday because lots of things had sold out! It was really busy with lots of different displays around, showing you how to use different techniques but most of them were booked by about 10am so we didn't get to try anything. I was on the hunt for new material, as I'm just getting into the whole world of sewing really, the material does work out cheaper I think but its not as cheap as you think. Its easy to believe that making your own clothes is cheaper than buying but it really isn't, by the time you take into consideration the cost of your material, cotton and zips/buttons its probably more expensive BUT the satisfaction of creating something unique and yourself is well worth the effort in my opinion. I took the girls to watch the catwalk show and we managed to get front row seats, it was so exciting and with the music the atmosphere is really cool, made me think how exciting it would be seating front row at London Fashion Week watching Chanel! Cordelia took lots of photos on my phone of the models and was fortunate enough to get to chat quickly to one of them after the show-she was thrilled! Some of the dresses were made by 14-16 year olds at college, I couldn't believe the standard of them, they were fabulous! Piper found it very inspiring (and to be honest so did I!).

 These costumes were all theatrical costumes:

I loved this dress!

 There was even some handbags shown on the catwalk that were made using bubble wrap and weed suppressor!
I loved the fabric on this stall and ended up buying a few pieces of fabric from them but I HAD to have the swallow and Ships material as shown on this bag. I don't know if its all of our Swallows and Amazons reading at the moment but I could just see myself on the beach somewhere this year holding that bag so I bought it! I have just enough material for a beach bag with each material hopefully! I also bought a fab material with birds on, I thought it would make a fab skirt but now I'm thinking a bag...or maybe both??

It was a great day out and I would highly recommend it to any crafters out there. We were shattered on the way home, (in fact I was shattered for all of Sunday too!) but it was worth it and we came out of there all full of ideas. Piper bought herself an MDF box to decorate, Cordelia bought some quarters of material and lots of buttons, she also got some beads for jewellery making which my MIL bought for her birthday next month. I also got a fantastic pair of knitting needles, (will have to put a photo on later) can't wait to use them-or carry them around in my new swallows/ships bag!


  1. Wow, looks like a fab day out! I love the dress with the parrots on it - not very me but lovely haha. The fabric sounds great and it's so great that the girls are into crafting too ;)

  2. You would have loved it Bella! Maybe you should come along with us next year and stock up on lots of material :)