Thursday, 22 March 2012

My Little Swallows

It has been SO good to be outdoors so much of late, I've realised how much we need the fresh air and exercise, we are all feeling so much better, mood wise for being outdoors. i think we are a family who need plenty of outdoor time. My head is so full of activities to do throughout Spring and Summer-I really can't wait. We have been so busy with friends recently, we have barely had a free day in the last few weeks. We are so fortunate to have such a lovely group of friends, (we don't take it for granted!). Tuesday afternoon we met up with friends at Magna Science park. It really is one of the best playgrounds locally and the first time we have been able to use it this year. I have been reading Ruben -Arthur Ransom's "Swallows and Amazons", Piper has read it several times and its my mother in laws favourite, I read it as part of my Open University Children's Literature course a couple of years ago and enjoyed it too. I was talking to Ruben about it last week and suggested that he might like it, so we picked up a copy from the library. We have been reading a chapter each evening, (when we have managed to be home in time anyway!). He is really enjoying it and found these boats in the playground and announced he was sailing Swallow!

 Who says mummy's are too old for slides? If you can fit your bum down down the slide (just!) then why not?

It was so funny when two school classes came running and screaming into the playground fresh off the coach. The children's faces were such a picture! We had to explain that whilst we can go there as often as we like, this would probably the only school trip for those children. They still did not appreciate the screaming chaos though #welovehomeed. Bec and I even managed a freshly made (by us!) cappuccino in mugs! Result of taking fancy sachets (me) flask of hot water and mugs (Bec). We are just #toocoolforschool.

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