Thursday, 1 March 2012

The Mermaid by Piper Barras

I will remember that day for the rest of my life. The day I met a Mermaid. I lived with my family in a little cottage by a beach in Wales. That day my mother said that I could go down to the beach on my own, as I was now old enough. I decided that I would as it was a lovely sunny day. I walked down the long winding cliff path onto the sunny, warm beach . I then wandered along the beach until I reached a little cove which I had never seen before. I gasped in delight. It was beautiful!!! Pretty seashells were scattered amongst the sand, The Sea was a brilliant blue and the sun was shining down stronger than before. I ran around collecting seashells, made a sand castle and paddled in the Sea.   As I lay on the sand in the warm sun I fell asleep. Later on I woke up and looked at my watch. I decided that it was time to head home for tea. I stood up and gasped in shock. The Sea!!!! While I had been sleeping the tide had crept in until eventually the cove was completely surrounded by the Sea!!! I tried to calm down and decided that I would have to swim for it. I started to wade through the cold water. ”I wouldn’t do that if I were you”.  Said a pretty chiming voice. I spun around and gasped in shock. There sat on a rock in the sea behind me was a mermaid!!!! She had a bright bottle green tail, Beautiful golden waist length hair and cornflower blue eyes with a cheeky glint. “Who are you??” I gasped. “I’m Skye” She said smiling. “Umm….hi?” I said nervously. ”Am I dreaming?” I added. “That’s always the first thing people ask me” She laughed.
“And no you are not dreaming”. I said “Not to be rude or any thing but why are you here?” “To save you.”She replied, smiling. “Didn’t you know?” ”Mermaids always save people in danger.” She said. Speaking of saving people, I need to save you now don’t I?”, as she spoke she slithered off her rock and swam towards me. “Hold on” she said. I grabbed her around the waist and she towed me back to the main shore of the beach. I jumped off at the shallows. “Thank you.” I said. “Your welcome” she said. “Till we meet again!” . She waved and swam off. I waved back then headed home. “What have you been doing?” said my mother when I got home. ”Swimming with mermaids” I replied smiling. “Don’t be silly, mermaids don’t exist.” Said my mother. But I knew they did.


  1. what a lovely and sweet story!

  2. We all thought this was lovely! You paint very clear pictures with your words, Piper :-)