Thursday, 1 March 2012

The Lost Unicorn by Cordelia Barras

Once upon a time a beautiful unicorn gave birth to a
Silky white baby unicorn. She was very cute with short silver hair. Her mother called her Diamond. When Diamond was one year old her mother told her that she was now old enough to go in forest alone. “But only for a small walk” her mother said. “Really alone?” asked Diamond excitedly “Yes as long as you are careful” her mother replied. The first walk in the forest diamond took her mother came with her. The second walk she took she went alone. She began to know the forest better every walk she took. Her mother worried about her but did not stop her because she knew her daughter enjoyed the walks in the forest alone. One day (after a terrible storm the day before) Diamond went for a walk in the forest as usual. She trotted though the trees and bushes. She stopped for a minute were her fave tree is (or was) “oh no” she gasped it had been blown over by the storm yesterday! She had really liked that tree it had (or used to have) long branches and a big tall trunk, and it had been a landmark so she wouldn’t get lost. But now she was lost! She lay down and started to cry. She lay there for a whole hour. Then she heard a small voice “are you ok?” It came from down by her hooves. Diamond looked down there by her hooves was a small mouse! “Not really” she replied “I am lost” she told the little mouse what had happened. “Don’t cry” said the little mouse “I have lived here all my live I can lead you though the forest back home” “really? Thanks” said Diamond. As they walked through the forest the mouse told Diamond that her name was Hazel and she had eight brothers and sisters. Diamond told Hazel that her name was Diamond and she was an only child. Suddenly the sun fell on the two friends. “Diamond” called her mother “are you ok?”
“I am fine mum I got lost but hazel found me” replied Diamond “who’s Hazel?” Asked her mother “this is Hazel” replied Diamond looking down at hazel. Diamonds mother looked down at Hazel “thank you for bringing my daughter back home safe and sound” “ it is ok but I must go home now bye” said Hazel “bye” called Diamond and her mother.
So Diamond got home with the help of a new friend


  1. We read this story at bedtime tonight and really enjoyed it :-) Mason was a bit worried about Diamond being alone in the forest but glad that she made a new friend! A lovely story x

    1. I was surprised by Cordelia's unicorn story as its normally horses but I loved it x

  2. thanks everyone for the comments on my story! :D
    mum i love unicorns almost as much as i love horses!

    i've got a new blog called AJ4 ever! so please follow it