Thursday, 22 March 2012

Lost Mondays & Herman the German

Ooooopppps I totally forgot to write about Monday, sigh, I'm getting so forgetful. Which is why I normally try to write blog posts more frequently! On Monday Ruben had a play date over at his bestest friends The Penders (if you haven't checked out Bella's blog yet- do because its rather lovely and she has some great links!). As I had my stepdad's car this week I have made sure to be out in it as much as possible, just in case our car is still not 100% next week! I dropped hubby off at a meeting first and then dropped Ruben off with a very excited R & M. Its so lovely that he has the opportunity to go somewhere without the girls and just have some "boy" time. He has never been anywhere for a playdate by himself and its really a big deal for both of us. After, I came home and made lunch for Bailey and the girls and sorted out a mock paper for Bailey's revision. I can't believe how quickly the exam is coming around now! He has done so well with all the course work but the mock exams are proving much trickier. I think he can do it, and he really is quite calm about it all, but its still such a massive deal! I think I had really zoned out of the whole structured learning system and its very hard getting my learning-autonomous brain around it all. But then its not about me is it? The girls had singing in the afternoon, so I got to sit still for a whole 40 minutes and chat to friends! I also got to bring home Herman, the German Friendship cake. Hubby seriously was not impressed and if it hadn't been for the fact he was away this week then I'm sure he would have put Herman into the bin. It seems VERY popular with home educators at the moment and its bizarre to think that the cake we have on the side could possibly be related to all the Herman's I keep noticing elsewhere! After singing I picked Ruben back up, he'd had a fab time and I could see he was shattered. Only an hour of Skylanders was played surprisingly (maybe now he has his own the novelty is wearing off slightly?) and the rest of the time, when he wasn't eating, he was playing scientists! Testing shark's teeth on various paper strengths! Go autonomous learning! He managed to fall asleep in the car whilst we were supposed to be picking hubby up, 45 minutes later we realised we were totally lost and ended up coming home without hubby, who after a delayed train came home a whole two hours after we got back in. If there is one thing I wish to NOT pass on to the children, its my sense of direction, or sheer lack of it.......

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