Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Great Excitement on the Best of Days...

This morning started with an early delivery of Ruben's new Skylander's game. I'm not even going to begin to describe the excitement it caused by arriving a day early. I'm so glad it did though because tomorrow could have been a nightmare! Bonus of having a big brother became evident this morning when he was required to wire up said new game. In fact, it caught the attention of all four of them! A very rare occurrence these days. Peace was enjoyed for a rather long 40 minutes before we got ready to meet friends.
 Leaving the exciting world of Skylanders back home we went to a local nature reserve. Its very busy here at a weekend and we haven't been in a long while, we used to live within walking distance of it and think we got a little bored of it. Not today though, we had lovely company with my friend K and her two lovely children M and A and the most beautiful sunny day. The second day in a row to start with mystery (the kids used to call foggy days mystery days) weather and then clear to reveal blue skies and sunshine. The children took their pond dipping nets and her opportunity to test them in the lake. Sadly not finding anything at all but Cordelia did manage to ruin a perfectly good pair of snow boots by wading into the water after a broken net, she was worried a swan might try and eat it.......

 Ruben managed to find his obligatory stick
Afterwards we went back to my friends for a cup of tea and a play, which was lovely despite Ruben's need to get home for more Skylanders fun. On the way home the car broke down!! Managed to get it started again but was very nerve wracking and not a lot of fun! Now not sure what will happen with said car, sigh. I have no luck with cars. After tea hubby and Ruben cut the grass in the back garden, which will make it so much easier when the children want to play outside, they also had a little fire as we are still sorting through some of our garage rubbish!


  1. oh the Skylanders have landed! Kenzie got them for his birthday last month and it is a big hit with both boys here! My advice to you is grab the characters when ever you see them as they are very hard to find!
    Looks like a great place for a walk! I do love a good river to play by!

    1. They certainly have Pip! Yes I hsve noticed how expensive they are, especially on Ebay! I do think they are quite good though and a little Pokemon like?
      Yes the lake was lovely but a bit too deep to play in!