Friday, 23 March 2012

Frogs, Newts, Scooter ramps & side swings

Yesterday promised more good weather (although it didn't really turn up until we were driving home!) and so we set off to meet some friends. I mentioned about the scooter ramps to Ruben and he said they were not for him and would be too scary, we got out of the car, on the path and he scooted straight for them! And LOVED them!
 Meanwhile the girls busied themselves enjoying the "gym area". These outdoor gyms seem to have become rather popular in Sheffield parks? Really not for me, my exercise is best behind closed doors as I'm far too clumsy and uncoordinated! The girls loved it though and kept counting up to a hundred on each piece of equipment.
 Then over to the woodland playground, even Bailey had a go on the course! Nearly missed him on the photo though, he likes being photographed about as much as me, so quite rare for both of us to appear on the blog within days of each other then!!
 You may have noticed that they are clambering around with nets? That's for the pond dipping, we always catch some cool stuff here and the children were very happy to see the water is still very blue.
 Within about 30 seconds Cordelia had caught two frogs she named Tilly and Trevor. They were a bit on the slimy side for me and I'm sure they were jumping at me!
 A baby smooth newt, so titchy and cute. Really had to stop Cordelia from sneaking he/she home though, she was desperate to keep it as a pet!
 Back to the exercise equipment to break it up a bit!
 Another frog-this one Cordelia named Fred
 Ruben caught one, finally, after a long wait watching his sister repeatedly catch them! Patience is a virtue Ruben. The poor frog was probably suffering from whiplash after he ran around the pond with him in his net! He jumped out of the net just after I took this photo and we watched him find the pond, splash in and watched how long and fast his legs could swim off. Slimy and a bit gross out of water but rather fascinating in it.
 Frog spawn, very cool up close. Again they wanted to bring it home but its a bit of a nightmare to get fresh water for it and the last time we had them, they ate each other and then just as the last one grew legs the cat ate it, so as was thinking NOT this time.
 A slightly larger newt, they were hiding under the moss on the floor of the pond so were tricky to find. Last time we caught them they were quite large so it was nice to see the baby ones. Be great to come back again soon and see how much bigger they get
After a mammoth picnic lunch, the children have eaten so much this week, especially as they have been outdoors. All that energy needs to be replenished, clearly. Ruben and his friend D had a great game, not sure what they were playing but it involved lots of running around, jumping on benches, jumping off benches, transformers and pretend guns.We went back to the playground where the girls had fun with their friend J's skipping rope, we all watched little J doing some hand knitting-very impressive and then a last play on the scooter ramps and exercise side swings. Bailey and his friend J meanwhile walked several times around the park, discussing all sorts by the sound of it. So great to see all the children out enjoying the fresh air with their friends! When we got home the girls went on Animal Jam, Bailey had some Xbox time whilst Ruben and I played several games of Connect 4 and he got out Cordelia's Cubal sets and created a duck and a swan:

Loving how much calmer and more chilled out we all are for lots of fresh air! Keeping us all busy whilst hubby is away, we are all missing him lots and will be very glad to have him back on Friday!

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