Thursday, 1 March 2012

The Forest by Bailey Barras

I just left detention, it had been a very boring day and I just wanted to get home. The quickest route home was through the woods which I go through with my friend, I would be going through alone this time round. I set off to the forest. I wasn’t sure  what route  we go through normally so I just picked a random path and set off. The trees were old here and they made a canopy above me, drowning out all light. I could barely see the path in front of me as I stumbled around past the trunks of trees, after falling over countless times, I realised that I had lost the path. I thought I heard a loud noise behind me, I quickly turned around and looked around. I saw nothing but never the less I picked up the pace. The wind picked up and the trees started to sway, sounding like they were all going to fall over any second now. I was getting tired and by this point I was speed walking through the woods. I never remembered the woods being this big before. Then I heard a loud howling noise behind me again, I turned around then something came bounding out behind me. I turned and ran, I stumbled and tripped onto a pile of leaves. I tried to get up but whatever was bounding towards me, suddenly jumped on top of me. I shielded my face with my arms as it started to lick my hands, it was a large brown dog. Just a dog. I breathed a sigh of relief, I pushed him off and stood up. The dog was sat at my feet waiting for something, I walked off and he followed. This didn’t help calm my nerves as he barked every ten seconds and kept running off. I could see some of the houses now and I was in hurry to get there. I was calming down now and was almost out, and then out of the blue someone behind me started shouting “get back here!” I looked at the dog, and he looked back at me. My heart started to race and we both ran for the houses. I could see roofs now but whatever was chasing us kept of shouting, “don’t you dare run! you know you can’t hide!” I was running out of breath and my legs were aching. I was almost out of the woods, I could see the way out when the stupid dog ran in front of me and I went head first into a pile of dirt. Then the thing chasing us caught up and said something I wasn’t expecting. “You alright there boy?”. I looked up and it was a man who was putting the dog on a lead. “Yes…sir…fine”. “Good then” he said. He nodded and then just walked off with his dog. I got myself up and headed home. After that, I really hated dogs.


  1. Bailey put enough tension into this that Mason covered his ears because it was getting scary ;) Ruben enjoyed it though and thought it was a clever story!