Thursday, 1 March 2012

First signs of Spring!

I was expecting a quieter day today and even had plans to go with my MIL and hubby's grandma to a vintage shop this afternoon and a trip to the cinema tonight with other grown ups but things haven't gone to plan. Cordelia started with a headache just after she woke up and then preceded to throw up not long after! Poor girl, its not often we have sickness bugs, and she is not very good at sitting still which doesn't help. She is not used to having to be hungry either :-/ Thankfully she has picked up lots during the day and has only been sick that one time. I cancelled my plans to go out to the vintage shop as even though hubby was working from home  I wanted to be around just in case. My trip to the cinema was cancelled earlier in the week as one of our friends is unwell, but thankfully seems to be on the mend again (Get Well Soon K!). Ruben was going a little stir crazy so I decided him and Piper needed some fresh air so we took the dog and went on a little walk. It has been beautiful weather here today and on our walk we were lucky to see Llama's, rams, horses and sheep! We also found a HUGE amount of ladybirds-like hundreds of them!

When we got back home we had a google on ladybirds hibernating and found this very informative ladybird fact sheet, even though we thought the song on the front was a little macabre it proved interesting reading. It sounds like they could have just come out of hibernation because of the mild weather. Hope the colder weather coming our way doesn't affect them too much this weekend.
Ruben took some photo's of signs of spring he saw:

He also found this huge "stick" otherwise known as a tree-trunk! I managed to talk him out of bringing it the whole way home, just....
 This is our spider tree, we think its very cool. Ruben wanted to climb it today but it doesn't look that safe so he changed his mind
 Nearly back home and he saw some birds of prey gliding around over this field so he bent down to have a closer look. He also waved and said 'Hello' to everyone he saw today, even trees, plants and the birds much to my amusement :-))

 Back home and Cordelia is feeling much better so looks like we may just make group after all tomorrow, fingers crossed......


  1. You captured a lovely Spring day today and I love Ruben's enthusiasm ;) We have our fingers crossed that we'll see you all tomorrow x

  2. Thanks Bella! Ruben is ALWAYS enthusiastic! Hope to see you guys tomorrow too :))

  3. we had heavy fog hear this morning but turned in to T-shirt weather by the afternoon. so sunny and hot! Loving all the flowers popping out! My Dafodills are getting tall, can't wait for them to bloom!