Sunday, 11 March 2012

Beautiful Sundays

Friday was so busy again but I managed to get Ruben to have an afternoon siesta after a busy group in the morning. We had tears first thing when his best buddy R was sick and not able to make group (Hope your feeling better now R!), After calming him down I managed to get him to draw R a picture to pass on to his little brother M. I thought it was rather sweet how he did a picture of R with Spyro (There both huge Skylander fans!). He cheered up at group after a bit but R's absence and also Bella's was missed!

 After an afternoon nap and an early tea we got ready to go to a lecture at Sheffield University. It was all about earthquakes, volcanoes and tectonic plates. We got there a bit early but the place was still packed and seats were not easily found! We ended up sitting in two groups of three. To be honest, I was really quite disappointed in the talk and it really brought home to me how glad I am that my children don't have to sit in classrooms being talked at for several hours a day. It is very uninspiring. I think you need to make things like volcanoes and Earthquakes much more visual. The short video clip we were shown was of the volcano eruption in Iceland in 2010, it was ok but I'm sure he could have shown the children more. He waved around some rocks at the front of the stage and also a plastic bottle of ash from said volcano but still he could have been showing us some rocks from the bottom of his garden for all we know! I'm sure they were whatever he said but still I thought it was very dull, the children were bored and uninspired. The reception afterwards was really crowded and ran out of drinks after 10 minutes so we called it a night as by then Ruben was really tired and all the children were thirsty. I was tired in the afternoon too and considered not attending but sometimes these things surprise you and sometimes not. Saturday we took the children to the playground at Poolsbrook, Daddy played on the swings whilst I managed to run twice around the lake! My running is steadily improving :) The afternoon was spent chilling out whilst hubby, Bailey and Cordelia played a huge game of Warhammer. Today we woke early to an attic room full of warm sunshine and took the children out for an early walk in the woods. Four miles later we were back home. I am loving the Spring being upon us. Cordelia made a Red Velvet Cake for when my mother in law and her sister, the children's Great Aunt (even though she is only 8 years older than their daddy!) came to visit. Piper was happy as we talked lots about collectible dolls! The cake went down well with everyone!

 Cordelia found this recipe all by herself on the internet, it used cup-size measurements
 We had to add red food colouring but think we may have got our measurement wrong as it wasn't red
 Mixing the dry ingredients and the wet ingredients together
Before cooking it looked a lot like raspberry purée (or sick...)
Recipe was for cream cheese but we were out so we made vanilla buttercream
And the finished cake....


  1. Rube was really gutted to miss group but Ruben's picture really cheered him up, such a sweet thought ;) Sounds like a lovely family weekend too - ours has been one of recovery and laughter at me as I try to embrace 'getting fit' (apparently I go a very funny colour) so well done you on keeping up the running!

  2. We were gutted to not have you guys there too Bella! Wow that's great about the 'getting fit' and I know exactly what you mean about the funny colour-I look like a raspberry after I've been running-not attractive!