Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Animal farm, scooters & new plants

Yesterday we had a lovely day with friends at Graves Park. On the way here I realised I've been bringing the children here since they were all very little, so that's nearly 13 years! Its improved a lot recently with a new playground and lots of new animals. Cordelia and Ruben took a long their scooters at its now on all-tarmac path with is perfect for scooting. Look at the blue skies!
 Cordelia went to say Hello to the pigs laid at the bottom of this field.
 Llamas, not a big fan myself but the kids are.
 Saying Hello to some new lambs with their mothers. two sets of twins!
 The farm had some new animals-Andalucian Giant Donkeys! As you can see from this poster they are seriously endangered and there is believed to be only 120 left. So we were extremely fortunate to be able to meet 3 of them. The poster continued to inform us how some of these donkeys end up in Salami! That may well have spoiled it for all of us now.
 Cordelia just loved them, she could have stood with them all day I think
 Especially this gorgeous baby!
 On to some rather sweet goats
 Highland cows
 These anglu-nubian goats had fantastic patterns
 Having lunch in the Rose garden! Our first picnic of the year!
 Playing in the old tractor
The girls took the following photo's of very interesting plants they found growing in the Rose Garden:

Time for a play in the park too, I love this new musical instrument, you can here it chiming all around the park and it is so soothing.

After a good hours play in the playground with friends Ruben got hit by the swing and was understandably, very upset. I could see his mood had changed and the late night on Monday (when my mum and stepdad where here for tea) had taken its toll so decided to say goodbyes to friends and go back to the car. We went the long way back around the farm so they could look again at all the animals. Ruben found a baby Emu (a sign he read all by himself), lots of different chicken varieties, Oscar the Owl and time to say another goodbye to the Giant donkey's. Then they scooted back around to the car very wearily. Really trying to read the children's moods when they head for a meltdown. We have had so many playdates recently, which have been great but I can see when its all got too much and Ruben in particular goes into meltdown. He gets tired so easily because he's up so early. Think I might need to bring in a family siesta......


  1. What a lovely day out! Love the photos! xxx

    1. Yes it really was Lisa! Fresh air is the best xx

  2. looks like a great place and i know what you mean about not pushing things. When Brendan has had enough.... there is little point pushing for more. siesta sounds fabby lol

    1. I think you have to pick your arguments and also know when enough is enough. Its getting easier to read though Pip!