Friday, 23 March 2012


After the park yesterday and a tea of inside out pizzas! Nannan came to sit whilst I went to Sew in the City for my first week of the dress making course I'd signed up for. I was really nervous because its not very often I go anywhere alone, I really am not even good at walking by myself without having the children around me! It was very odd going in Sew in the City alone too, I have only been there for Piper's birthday party and the home ed workshops I help out with, on all occasions with the girls! It was really good though and I got talking to some really lovely people. I even managed to learn some new things! Not sure yet if I will manage a whole dress out of it but you never know. Its good sometimes to do something for yourself-what have you done lately just for you???


  1. Sew in the city sounds like a fab event for 'me' time. Love to see the clothes you make posted later on ;)

    1. Well sadly I'm not able to finish the course but I think I will try and have a go at making the dress anyway, trial and error! Everything else so far I have managed to tecah myself so you never know :)