Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Wednesday Friends!

Today we have had our third day in a row of friends over! Home made pizza was on the go again as it was a success last time and if its not broke, then why fix it? R and M, our Friday group friends, came over just after 11. Ruben had been sat watching out of the window, he was so excited! Ruben and R went on Animal Jam for a while together whilst Cordelia and M played Littlest Pet Shop. Then there was a game of Vampire Slayers, pillow fights and hide and seek before lunch was ready. M had very kindly made a yummy fruit salad for dessert which the children ate with marshmallows. Then they had a game of Alpha Animal in teams, that was very funny to listen too! I meanwhile was helping Bailey and Piper put the last finishing touches to their stories and sent them in to the BBC Radio 2 competition. Ruben had a little meltdown, think maybe 3 days of friends on the trot has proved a little too much for him. Thankfully it was sorted and Cordelia decided to draw with the body crayons on M and R. I would have loved to have taken photo's today but to be honest no body was still long enough! Tomorrow is looking like a very quiet day and maybe a walk :-)


  1. How fun! Can't go wrong with homemade pizza :)

  2. The boys had so much fun yesterday - it took ages to tell me about it, even at Mason's speed ;) I hope you realise it's a major compliment to your skills that Ruben rates your homemade pizza so highly, he's picky and rarely exclaims on anything haha. Thanks for the fun!