Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Warhammer World

I have mentioned a few times recently about the boys (and hubby's) new found hobby of Warhammer, a few friends from Friday group had mentioned to me about Warhammer World in Nottingham but we had never heard of it. My parents in law took the girls to a doll fair at Kelham Hall which they were very excited about. So we took advantage of just having the boys and took them on a trip to Warhammer World! Bailey was so excited, I haven't seen him so animated in ages, or maybe even EVER! Its so cool as you drive in as there are large space marine statues up outside.
 In the entrance there are some large replicas, I thought this one was a bit scary but Bailey thought it was cool :)
 Ruben liked this model more:
 Measure yourself against a Space Marine! Daddy and Ruben measure up!
 The Citadel miniature gallery was HUGE and a little overwhelming to be honest!
 Not sure how we got Bailey out of this room at all!
 The main gaming hall was very impressive, as you can see. You can see in this photo:
 You can book the tables for a game in advance and its free. The scenery up close its so detailed and must take hours, Bailey now wants to both book a table there and also build one himself!
 After all the chatting in the shop, (we were in the shop for an hour! The staff are brilliant, I think I spoke to 3 different members of staff, actually no it was 4! They are so welcoming and friendly, even though my actual Warhammer knowledge is pretty tiny. I'm not sure if Bailey has spoken to another adult for that length of time outside of family, he was just so excited!) even the restaurant was themed! We took the boys in for a drink and cheesy chips!
 I love this photo of the boys with a huge Space Marine
I would highly recommend a visit :)


  1. Glad to hear you had a great time at Warhammer World, it's one of our Ruben's favourite places too. He seems to feel more communicative there a bit like Bailey and everyone does seem really welcoming! (After a few hours a growing part of me wishes they weren't SO welcoming haha). The pics of the boys are lovely and hooray for Bailey letting himself make a blog appearance ;-)

  2. Thanks Bella, its nice for people on the blog to see him occasionally isn't it?
    Yes thank you for mentioning to us about it, we all enjoyed it. Although I was starting to glaze over at one point :-/