Thursday, 23 February 2012

Visiting Great-Grandparents

Yesterday we visited my husbands grandparents, the children love going there (not least because they get very well fed!). Before we left I made some carrot and coriander soup, as there was some left from lunch I took it over and the children also helped me bake a Victoria sponge. I was feeling a bit off yesterday and really wanted to take the children to the farm and playground first but the weather was horrendous so we went straight to nanan and grandads. They were very happy to see us and loved the cake. Whilst we were there nanan showed us some old family photographs. Years ago she had a family tree drawn up, the children love telling people how Florence Nightingale is in their family tree!! So it was great to be able to put faces to some of the names. The children saw a photograph of their great, great, great, great grandfather! They were very impressed. As they had finished their letters to friends in the morning we called to the post office and posted them off. The rest of the afternoon was spent with Ruben and Cordelia playing Alien Invasions, the play doh type machine where you have to create monsters out of Luna lava and meteor mud. Piper started knitting a dress for Barbie and Bailey finished all his revision book! Now we need to recap on everything and do some mock papers!


  1. ooh cake!! I've (almost) forgotten what cake tastes like :)

  2. A slice of that cake please Zoe! It looks lush x

  3. Katie & Lisa,

    Let me know when you are up this way and I will bake you both a cake just like that! X