Saturday, 4 February 2012

Vintage craft fair

After a full nights sleep, which we all REALLY needed the children are all feeling much better so we decided to go ahead with our original plans. With wintry weather on its way there is always a chance that we could end up being snowed in so best make the most of it. I had planned to take both girls into town with my mother in law today to a Vintage craft fair whilst hubby took the boys into the village library and shops. I didn't realise it was National Library Day today and was a bit disappointed to have missed out on the free tea and cake!! I would have liked to show my support too as home educators the library is and always has been a major resource for us all. Still, the vintage fair was really cool and I'm glad we felt well enough to go along. There were lots of vintage clothes (which I'm really into at the moment!) sadly no 40's/50's items which is what I'm looking for. I did find lots of inspiration though. The girls thoroughly made me laugh though, Piper is slightly obsessed with hats, of any era/type and Cordelia is like a magpie for anything sparkly, particularly owls. Must remember this for her birthday and maybe buy/make something owl-y. Not sure about me making hats though but watch this space I'm getting quite handy. Piper found me a fab vintage sewing pattern for these big floor toys, there is a horse, camel and elephant and the younger three have already planned races on them so going to have to make a start on them soon. I also bought some vintage fabric to make the girls some skirts or summer dresses. I'm kicking myself for not buying some glass ice cream bowls, I went back buy they'd gone. I've got a real soft spot for coloured glass, it makes ordinary things look so much more special. The girls picked up lots of ideas for things that they could make and got straight back into making cupcakes when we arrived home, I have a pile of sewing patterns to look through kindly lent by my MIL. The boys meanwhile have had quite a Warhammer day, they've played a huge game/battle and Hubby and Rubes have been painting some of our new figures. Bailey's been socialising on his Xbox in between.

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