Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Sunday Walks, Fires and Smores

We were all a bit pooped by Sunday, the boys had a sleepover at my MIL's on Friday night so Ruben was still a shattered on Sunday. Saturday went by in a bit of a blur of food shopping, driving lesson for dad and Animal Jam. Sunday we took advantage of the lovely morning to have a walk with the dog. It was nice to have some fresh air and be up and about early doors, I'm really not much of a morning person and really need a kick some days to walk in the mornings but I'm always pleased when I do. The children enjoyed looking for the first signs of Spring and looking for animal tracks. Its amazing how fast the landscape can change, a few weeks ago the farmers fields were muddy and covered with a layer of snow, now there are already good signs of crops growing. The bushes and trees are beginning to grow buds and we even found some snail shells next to a fence post-it looks like a Thrush had had a very big breakfast! After our walk hubby and I began operation garage tidy up! I realised how much of a hoarder I am, we have had several boxes move with us to the last 3 houses and haven't touched them, proving that we obviously don't need them! So we began sifting through each one. I had to come out of the garage at one point as I just got totally overfaced by the sheer amount of stuff we own! Because Bailey, Piper and Cordelia all went to school there was a lot of work from their school-days, especially Bailey. I have saved some things for him (My MIL gave hubby some of his school workbooks/reports as part of a present for Christmas and it was lovely to read through)like drawing books and his reports but a lot of things seemed a bit pointless. Whatever job/career Bailey ends up having I'm pretty certain that he will not need 20+ certificates saying how well he can sit on a carpet/listen well/which book band he's moved on too! Nor will he need worksheets or pieces of work that he has been told to do. The things I have kept or things that required his own thoughts, ideas, imagination not that of the teacher. Same for the girls, and just a few bits from Ruben's short-lived time at nursery. Made me so happy to be a home educator and know when they produce things now its because THEY WANT TO! After finding some forgotten/lost photo's, which is always a fantastic surprise! we got ready for a fire in the garden. We do recycle a lot but its nice sometimes to have a fire and gather around it, reminds me of camping (which I'm missing!) we ate hot dogs and then the children made some smores to put on the fire and had great fun playing with some old walking sticks in the garden. A really lovely way to end the weekend!

 Cordelia and Ruben aged 3 and 1
Piper aged 2, Cordelia 8 months, Bailey 4 years.

Can't believe how quickly my babies are growing up!

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