Monday, 6 February 2012

Sunday Snow

The children were really excited Saturday watching the snow pile up outside, think they were hoping it would be as deep as it was last year but sadly it wasn't quite as immense as last years snow! As everyone was still feeling bunged up and full of cold we decided to not go sledging, especially as Ruben has a habit of rolling in the snow until he is drenched, and just settled for a wintry walk instead. I know it sounds mean but they've been so unwell with this cold we really didn't want to make them worse. He had great fun throwing snowballs at us all and the girls got very sulky about him throwing snowballs. Glad we decided against the sledging as halfway on the walk Ruben got very grumpy and cold so we had a rushed walk back. I took some lovely photographs though, and snow does make everything look so pretty!

 We had a quiet afternoon playing, hubby made some rather delicious pizza's and then we had a go at Pictionary Mania. Not the best idea with overtired, unwell children let me tell you! Still, we all had a good laugh deciding that maybe this game would be more fun when they are all a bit older. Hubby and I finished off the weekend with a dance off on the Xbox and stayed up way too late to watch the NFL Superbowl. A first for me I have to say but WOW I loved it!


  1. wasn't it lovely to enjoy some snow!! Kenzie had his birthday on Sunday and pretty much every birthday of his 6 years on this world, has been a snowy one!

  2. It was nice Pip! I hope Kenzie had a fun birthday x