Friday, 17 February 2012

Sleepovers & Greedy Geese

Last week was rather busy for us with school holidays. I personally would like to hide for the week as don't like places when they are so busy! But the children like to catch up with old school friends. Thursday Cordelia went to her friends for a sleepover, she hasn't been there for a while and was literally buzzing with excitement. She was counting down the minutes all day! Thankfully Piper's friend-C arrived a little while before so she was distracted. Piper has never had a sleepover at a friend's so it was nice for her to have a friend here. Ruben was a bit grumpy about not having a sleepover so he is having one at my mother in laws this weekend. I think he is too little yet for sleepovers with friends much to his disappointment. He really needs his sleep! I'm sure the time will come for him to have sleepovers though. Piper's friend was brilliant and let Ruben play along with all their games too which was lovely. He sometimes feels a bit left out when the girls have their friends over but the girls were fab with him. A huge game of Littlest Pet Shop was played (we are back on LPS again). On Friday we took C to the park where we met her mum. It was lovely all morning and then started raining about 10 minutes before we left, still the fresh air was nice and since hubby had completely ruined a loaf of fresh bread from the bread machine with a spoon, the greedy geese got some fresh home made bread to eat. Cordelia noticed one of the geese was not going in the water and looked a bit off so she spent most of the time there following it around. It eventually went in the water so she was relieved. She will make an excellent vet one day!

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