Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Monday Stories, Queen & Visitors!

Monday saw singing group cancelled so we had a day at home. Wee baked some biscuits which was lucky because we ended up with a surprise visit from our friends on their way back from a weekend away! The children had a great time playing even though it was much shorter than their usual plays! There was time in the morning for Piper to write up some of her story for singing. She has volunteered herself to write a musical for a show the singing coach is putting together, brave girl! Thankfully she has got a while to write it, so there is no rush. We also watched episode two of The Diamond Queen, there was quite a bit about tea parties-to which the children decided they would rather like to attend, especially to eat some of the cakes! And also lots about the wedding of Prince William to Kate Middleton, which we had excitedly watched back in April last year. Ruben thought it would have been really entertaining if someone had stood on Kate's dress and pulled it all off! Hmmm, not quite sure about that but there you go a different angle for you! The children also spent some time finishing off their stories for the story writing competition I posted about here!

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