Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Millennium Galleries & Chick Flicks

Yesterday we met up with friends in Sheffield. Bailey, who has had a very social few days with a friend sleeping over, was meeting up with his friends M and J to go to the cinema. It was so sweet being stood in the lobby waiting because all these teenage couples were coming in to watch films together! Sweet :) Bailey's friend M said she felt a bit awkward going to the cinema with two boys on V day but I thought it was rather cool. Anyway whilst Bailey, M and J were in the cinema we took the collective 6 children between us up to the Winter Gardens. There were lots going off in the gardens today as the University of Sheffield students were there and had organised craft and science activities. Cordelia beelined straight for the craft table with her little friend J. Ruben was a bit upset to find his new friend from the Sheffield Museum trip was unwell and couldn't make it so was in a little bit of a funk. Managed to distract him with some bones that had been dug up from Manor Lodge in Sheffield. He had to guess which animals they had come from, which he rather enjoyed, I think he will make a good palaeontologist one day. We then moved into the Galleries,  we haven't visited in a while and it was great to see some of the new exhibitions that were on.  Our friend had some photographs in the new Family Exhibit so we went off to try and see if we could see them, Cordelia did a family trail in the exhibition too, she always enjoys doing the museum trails. Sometimes I feel she misses looking at the things around her when she is specifically looking for whatever is on her sheet but then at the same time I suppose she is being made aware of something that she might have missed. Seems to balance itself out then. Whilst in the family gallery Ruben needed the toilet so off we went, he noticed these rather large bells hanging up near the escalators and wanted me to take a photograph. Have to admit to never noticing them before now to be honest, which is strange as there clearly an old feature!

Whilst we were looking around the family exhibit, Piper wrote on one of the cards, this is what she wrote:

After the excitement of the galleries, we went into the central library to wait for Bailey. It was lovely and warm in there! Cordelia sat with her friend T, finally exhausted from all their Monster High talk, they sat in a comfy chair and read some mystery books together. I sat with Ruben and Piper and we did the same. Before I  knew it Bailey was back, having watched "This Means War" (chick flick!) he said it was quite funny actually. He is off for another cinema trip later in the week for another friend's birthday-social butterfly this week!

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