Wednesday, 8 February 2012

If its good enough for the Queen.....

Today has been yet another day inside, thankfully it does seem to be working, the children are starting to look/feel much better. Although, having watched the weather this evening it seems snow is on its way again. Not sure how the children (or me!) will feel if we can't get out to group on Friday. Think we could all do with some socialising!!
Today could have easily descended into chaos with lots of energy from not going far. The mornings seem to be worse too with silly arguments so today after a conversation with Ruben about his favourite show-Roar- I printed some worksheets on food chains. I used this site brainpop. The video was quite good and the children all enjoyed doing the quiz at the end. The worksheets I printed from this page on brainpop food chains. The children enjoyed filling them in and drawing out food chains of their own. After lunch, Bailey joined us and we discussed fossil fuels and I found these resources on Natural Gas, which we read through, discussed and then completed. It brought back our visit last year to Drax Power Station too which was good.
The afternoon brought tiredness and lethargy back with it so we watched two programmes I had recorded, both are available on the BBC Iplayer: -This was all about the Cutty Sark, which I took the children to see shortly after the fire. We couldn't see very much to be honest, so we are now planning a trip to see it in all its glory later in the year. This was very interesting, I'm just starting to think about what we might do to celebrate the Jubilee in June. The girls got particularly excited when they saw the Queen's "wendy house" from when she was little, it was very cool. And we were reminded that she was also Home Educated, what better come back when people ask us about it-"It was good enough for the Queen!!".


  1. i didn't know that! fantastic. i bet no one says she doesn't get enough socialisation, isn't prepared for life in the "real world" or won't be able to compete with others in the work place!

  2. That's a great anecdote Zoe! Am so late catching up on my blogs I'll have to see if it is still on iplayer.

    I hear you on the indoors too much silly squabbles thing. It really is very exhausting dealing with it isn't it. The worst of it is my children kiss and make up pretty fast whilst I am left licking my wounds!

    1. I thought so Katie! Oh dear, glad its just not me then. I think too much indoor time could drive anyone slightly crazy!