Tuesday, 7 February 2012

How the Dicken's are you?

You may/may not know that today would have been Charles Dickens 200th birthday. So what did we do to celebrate such an occasion? Well we watched Oliver Twist and baked a rather scrumptious chocolate cake of course!! Any excuse for cake here :))

We had a huge talk about the workhouses and thought back to our visit to the Workhouse in Southwell. Which to be fair really didn't seem as grim as some of the workhouses. The children were all quite upset about how badly children were treated back then but I explained that its an important part of history, just like when we learnt about Anne Frank. We can't go back and change what happened. It lead us on to another similar novel called Coram Boy by Jamila Gavin, its a very good book and both myself and Piper really enjoyed reading it so Cordelia is going to give it a try now. We also looked at the life of Dickens on the BBC Schools website and had a look how many of his books we had on our bookshelves too. I think we will have to purchase a copy of Great Expectations, hubby and I are currently watching the BBC adaptation that was shown over Christmas and it is very good. Now I know a little more about his life its interesting how much of  himself and his experiences are apparent in his novels. Its also made it relative to the children who are very into their story writing at the moment. I love it when subjects link themselves together by accident!
As the children are still under the weather, I decided against a trip to the library today. It was too cold out and I really would like the children to be well enough for group on Friday and a friend's birthday party on Saturday. So, Piper wrote her story up in Word, Cordelia started a new scrapbook as you can see here:

 Cordelia also joined in with Ruben's Piñata colouring in!

Think the children will be finding out whose birthday we can celebrate next if it means they get to eat chocolate cake :)


  1. Brendan and I looked at Charles Dickens life this week too. He was very amazed to see he had 10 children and pleased that the boys outnumbered the girls! He was not however very impressed that he called one of his children Dora! Because the only Dora he knows is the Explorer version off the telly which annoys him!! It did make me giggle!

    Cake looks lovely and yummy ...... who need an excuse to make chocolate cake lol!!

  2. We looked at Dicken's today too ;-) Couldn't let his 200th Birthday pass without cake now could you?!