Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Friday Group

Friday was a much better day, I was feeling much more myself, hubby was home and we had our usual Friday group. We had to decide whether to keep going in the scout hut for another month or meet back at the park. As the weather is still a little unpredictable we decided to book another month. We have lots of visits/walks/playground meets planned after this though, including an Easter Egg hunt too! After group we went on to Bella's to have more tea and more playing time. They had just come back from holiday and we had all missed them! Ruben and his friend R, had a great time playing on Skylanders whilst Cordelia, Piper and their friend M played with the Moonsand. We had some rather delectable desserts whilst us parents chatted and drank tea! Guess what the girls want now?? Friday afternoons are always a bit of a write off, due to Ruben completely wearing himself out so we did some colouring in and watched TV.

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